Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love at first sight...

I planed to take a break today, sleep in and have a good rest. Not going to work etc.. But my resting plan was completely destroyed by the Starbucks cherry blossom tumble. I was relaxing and reading blogs last night and come across this limited edition collection. OMG its must have the pink tumble!!!!

I called up 5 Starbucks outlets and non have it anymore, my sis managed to call up centre point (she so proud that she called only 2 outlets and managed to get what i want ;p) and they still have 2.. we reserved both and rush out of the house at 11pm to orchard.. we came back at 1am plus plus.. We bought a total of 5 tumbles... LOL...

The 3 Left ones are mine and the other 2 are my sis.

Don't the pink one look like the red one from last year christmas collection.

I think they are almost identical except for the colour and the print, but the cherry blossom one is $3 more than the X'mas one....

I got these 2 yesterday during breakfast in jurong point, the right one is a short and it cost $15.90, erm... i think its $2-3 dollars more than the most of the short i bought.. i think Starbucks have up the price of their merchandise... :(

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