Sunday, March 27, 2011

Etude House haul 1

I think i have mentioned in my previous post that Lot1 has an Etude house now... OMG... i'm so happy, i always like Etude house make up, i think its much better than many other korean brands.. LOL...

I went there recently, in fact i went there 3 time within a week, i never bought any makeup.. LOL.. I bought mainly skincare... My sis keep telling me that she heard a lot of good review about their skincare so i decided to give it a try ;)

Theses are what my sis and i bought, 2 hand cream (top left corner), baking powder exfoliator and bb cream makeup removal, mini size U serum set and makeup removable tissue. I bought their eye makeup removal tissue before and really like it so I bought more this time ;) I have used their green tea makup removal tissue before its good, doesn't sting my face so i decided to try the baking powder one this time.

The mini size U serum set come with 1 sample size toner and moisturiser. This range is supposed to have pore minimising ability, oh well.. i didn't really see any result after 1 week of usage but will continue to use it and will update u all.

I don't really use hand cream but i find these  2 cuties too adorable to be missed... LOL...

GWP... i really like the pouch ;).. its spacious and come with compartments for brushes on one side.

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