Monday, June 6, 2011

SKIN79 Crystal Finish Pact review

i got the SKIN79 Crystal Finish Pact in the goodies bag as well.. In fact most of the Skin 79 products i have being using are from the goodies bags i bought.. I really love the goodies bags.

Information for the product:

CRYSTAL POWDER WITH BRILLIANTLY SHINING FIVE TONE SHIMMER. Adheres to the skin with a light and fresh feel, and with its beam reflection property, gives the skin an alluring look that shines like crystals as it catches the sun.

For more detail:


I'm find the packaging of this compact a bit too thick, the sponge  is very thin but the casing is very thick. Oh well, maybe  it contain a lot of product.

I really like the thin sponge that come with the compact, its very soft and smooth on the face. Plus, most Korean brands sell similar sponge so can buy as replacement when the original is spoil. BTW, i found that  makeup tool in Nature republic is slightly cheaper compared to the face shop. Now NR is having storewide 50%, good time to buy some backups and replacements.

The compact is yellow tone, minimum coverage,  shimmering. Some people think that it has good oil controlling ability, but i think its OK only. I think its ideal as a finishing powder for fair skin. I'm medium skin tone so its slightly too white for me. It's a perfect match for my sis who usually get the lightest foundation from most brand.


  1. how is the tone like, Abitcraxy? is it yellow or pink tone? thanks dear
    btw, do u belong to fair, medium or dark skin lady?

  2. Hi, i added more information to my review. Thanks for the question, i was to engross complain about the casing.. lol.. didn't really review the products...