Friday, June 3, 2011

New Bubble tea at clementi-shi er yue fang bubble tea/ Tea 12 reach

My sis and i walk by this bubble tea store few weeks back and we noted that its more ex than Koi.
More ex than Koi + open near koi in clementi the bubble hub= must have go liao (substance)

I tried and i love it in fact some of my friends think its better than KOI!!!!!!!

I prefer this to Koi because the milk tea is creamier. My friends prefer this because they find the pearl are chewier than those from Koi. The only complain they have is that they find the drinks they have ordered are a bit too sweet. If you are interested to give this brand a try, you might want to consider starting with 25% sugar level.

Other than the chewy pearls and creamy tea, what we really like from this brand is their special pearls make of brown sugar. They have 2 types of pearls, the normal ones and the premium ones that they add in the froggy series. These premium pearls are sweeter than their normal pearls and goes well with the fresh milk tea in the froggy series. BTW, their drink only come in 1 size, some thing in between the small and large of KOI. Just enough for a person I think… lol.. at least for me la…

I have being drinking from this stall for 3 days in a row; I had the green froggy bubble fresh milk twice. It’s actually a fresh milk tea with green beans and premium pearls. There’s no choice of sugar level for the froggy series, I don’t find it too sweet anyway so not a problem to me. I had their Ai Yu green tea once; I find it a bit too sweet with sugar level at 50%. But overall it’s nice.

Their top 12 drinks

Here is their menu

My green froggy, it has a lot of pearls and green beans..

Something random, I like their black and white straws.. LOL.. Cool….

Being telling my friends about this brand, I actually managed to convert a few KOI fans to drink this.. LOL…. I think this stall should treat me to a cup of bubble tea

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