Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Mask haul.....(a bit over due)

Yes, I’m still buying mask… lol.. I have being using mask quite regularly so I don’t feel very bad buying more… lol….

I plan to do more review on the masks I have being using…

Let’s look at what I have bought today….

I went clementi mall today and BGF was having their last day of super sale so I took the opportunities and bought some mask

Bought a few Cettua masks, I bought the green -Trouble Clear Essence Mask and the orange- After Sun Stress Brightening Essence Mask

Orange- After Sun Stress Brightening Essence Mask

Green- Trouble Clear Essence Mask

There are 5 types of masks in this series:

Green- Trouble Clear Essence Mask

Orange- After Sun Stress Brightening Essence Mask

Red- Before Having Date Collagen Essence Mask

Pink- After Night Fever Soothing Essence Mask

Blue- Pore Control Essence Mask

I also bought the Cettua mask for man

I bought a box of Milk Microzyme Whitening Mask

Detail about the mask:

1. Suitable for sensitive and dehydrates skin

2. Contains multiple trace elements that rapidly correct hard keratin cells while open pores and help in cell oxygenation via latent breathing. Additionally, they offer lubrication and tightening of the pores.

3. Milk micro-enzymes help in cell reconstruction, revive the skin and increase elasticity.

4. Powerful moisturizing and whitening action. Removes even the deepest causes of pigments and offers hydrated and healthy skin.

I went to venus @ clementi too…..

I really like the face q mask I got last time so got 2 more boxes today.

Its $12.90 per box, I think its the best deal I ever come across for this mask.

I bought the Grape Seed + Green Tea (top) and the FaceQ Luffa+Adlay (below)

I went to the guardian at Cementi mall too, saw this new masks and bought one each ;)

Sophie Monk Duo Lifting Masks


  1. I love the face q masks. When I logged into and saw that the Face Q mask has been restocked that I ordered 1box of each 4different kinds which was available. Now I can't wait lol.

  2. LOL... u sound like a mask addict... lol.. i so addicted to paper mask...

  3. Hi dear, feel free to contact us if you are interested to restock facial mask, we are selling various brand of products including Taiwan naruko :)