Monday, June 6, 2011

Thai express

Its being so long since I went Thai express, I always go there alone as not many pp I know like Thai food. When I was jurong point, I saw them having my 2 favorite back in their promotion menu ;) Without any hesitation, i went in for my lunch.

They are having value meal sets again and they have the minced chicken with century egg too.

I was so greedy and ordered a set meal with the minced century egg...
Nearly died trying to finish them..

I ordered the red tom yum soup set, i didn't really like the soup. I prefer the clear tom yum. I ate all the fish n veg in it and left the soup untouch.

The set come with a dessert Tapioca pearls with coconuts, its really nice. The chef didn't add a lot of coconut milk to it so it's quite healthy..LOL...

Rice and thai prawn cake. The prawn cake is a bit oily but its still quite nice.

Yummy mince chicken with century egg. The mince chicken is sweet and spicy, really nice but the century egg is a bit rubbery ;p. The seasoning for this dish is very similar to that of fire noodles and that's why i like it. Fire noodle is my favorite in thai express.

I renewed  my membership and got a free rose + lime drink ;) free plus a direct 10% off.

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