Thursday, February 16, 2012

2nd lush haul

As i mentioned, i went to lush twice last week. I used the shampoo and bombs and I really like it so I went back for more. I was actually quite disappointed with their facial wash. I didn't buy it but got a sample for it. I used about 5x and I find that it didn't clean my face well. That's the only thing I don't like from my 1st haul. :$

I bought more bombs , body scrub, bubble bath and another gift set.
I got some broken bomb samples and coalface facial soap sample and again I didn't like the facial wash sample. I think I should just stick to the lush bath things and skips their facial stuffs.

i  bought Little Green Bag above.  Inside the bag is a solid shampoo bar,  Jungle hair conditioner, Sugar Scrub, Sea Vegetable soap and Each Peach massage bar in a shampoo tin. I have forgotten to take a pic of the content in the green bag and have used most of the things in it. ;p


 I was given some broken sample of their broken bubble bomb and coalface

 Wiccy magic muscle message bar @$20, i ask the lady there to cut it into half so i could share with my sis.

 Aqua Mirablis 24pk scrub @$18.50

I bought another bottle of glogg, i quite like the scent plus its  50% off

Floating island melt i have used 2/3 of these since i got it. Really love it, its so moisturizing to my feet.

Pop in the bath

As i have mentioned previously, i do not have a bath tub at hoem so i used the bubble bar as soap... Will do a post on how to do that soon... maybe

My sis bought the comforter bubble bar and gave me a piece. We break our bubble bar into chunks and keep it in a plastic container like the one above and put it in the bath room so that we could used it daily in our shower.

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