Monday, February 27, 2012

Uk lash haul

I realize that the pricing for UK lash is a lot cheaper than here. The only thing about buying from UK is its shipping. But overall it's still cheaper. But it take more than 2 weeks to reach our shore.

Theses are what I got:
Hottie Massage Bar @£4.38
Stepping Stone Foot Scrub @£2.46
Putty for Your Hands Soap @£4.96
Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb @£2.63
Ceridwen's Cauldron Luxury Bath Melt @£3.33
Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt @£2.46
Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Luxury Bath Melt @£3.13
You've Been Mangoed Luxury Bath Melt @£2.46
Godiva Shampoo Bar @£5.00
Retread Conditioner @£7.92
Sex Bomb Bath Bomb @£2.58
Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar @£3.46
Karma Bubble Bar @£2.58
Amandopondo Bubble Bar @£2.21
Leap Frog Bath Bomb @£2.29

Shipping @ $17.90

Overall I saved more than $20 :)


Putty for Your Hands Soap, all products with are wrapped are label.. how nice....

Retread Conditioner

Karma Bubble Bar

Stepping Stone Foot Scrub and Leap Frog Bath Bomb didn't make it... ;(

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