Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lush again

Lol I went lash again... i intended to check out the mask event they are having on Sunday 20 feb. in the end i didn't managed to attend.

How can I not get anything when I'm there. Lol. I got much lesser this trip as I have already bought some goodies online last week. Yes.. This is my 4th haul. I do see more coming...

I bought 4 bar of soaps and 2 bubble bars. Spend less than $60 this time :)

I bought a bar of honey I washed the kids. I have smelt this soap whenever I go lush but I didn't really think it smell nice at all. I finally decided to try it out as I have heard so much good review about it. I request the sa to cut mine into 3 so I could share it with my sis.

Bought sweet soap of mine @$17.90 which is make up of 2 pc of soap, 1 is rock star and the other is god mother. Rock star smell really really good. I think it's slightly cheaper to get this set than buy them individually.

The last soap I got is snowcake, asked the sa to cut into 3 pc as well. I quite like the idea if having smaller pc if soap so I could rotate them more frequently

The 2 bubble baths I got is super star and creamy candy.

 I also got 2 samples to try out this time, i got lust and dirty

Dirty is a deep blue soap, very pepperminty...

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