Sunday, February 12, 2012

I am crazy over soap- lush haul

I knew lush was here last year but have not really check it out properly, i finally went down last week. I went down twice actually, i bought some stuffs on my first trip, tried and love it and when down again to get more. LOL....

This is what i got from my first trip. I'm was so exited.. I bought the happy gift 2010 @$90.90, 2 bomb: tisty toasty @$10 and avobath, sweetheart soap @$13.90 and glogg shower gel @$6.90 which was in 50% off ( i didn't really like the smell when i bought it, i bought because its on 50%, but after i used it, i really like it and went back again for more).

I fall in love with sweetheart (the bigger pac) instantly when I smell it. It's so so nice. Can die for smell. It's a new launch for valentine. The 2 smaller ones are samples.

 Happy 2010

Tisty toasty



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