Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lush lush again

 I went lush to get a friend a present... Got him good karma gift set and a piece of coalface as birthday present.

Of course I can't resist getting myself some goodies as well. I bought more soap... Lol

After using honey I washed the kids I finally understand why it's do popular. I love it!!!! I got another piece.. This time, I'm not sharing!!!! Lol

These are what i bought:


 ice a slice (bohemian and ice blue) and beach bar ( sea weed and sandstorm)

Space girl. Yap I only bought a bomb.

I got sample for 13 soap unlucky for dirt (my sis bought this in our recent uk haul, I can't wait to try so asked for a sample that day when I was at lush), it's definitely one of the more ex soap in lush.

I also got a fresh farmacy sample. I tried coalface and didn't 't like it at 1st but has grown to like it. I bought it online.

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