Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lush bombs and melt review 1

I went lush many times and bought a few bombs and I also managed to get some broken bomb samples. :) I understand they don't normally give that but I was lucky on one of the trips.

I do not have a bath tube at home and the bombs and melt are for soaking my feet. The bombs from lush contain essential oil so it's less dehydrating to the skin compared to just soaking my feet in hot water. Typically, 1 bomb or melt can last me a many usage.

Mini reviews on those that I have used

Think Pink Bath Bomb

Its one of the broken sample, it turned my water pink color, and I found little pink hearts at the bottom of my container. It give off a sweet candy smell which is not something I'm too crazy over.

Tisty tosty

I really like this one, it give off a nice rose water smell and I saw rose buds on my container. I really like it :).

Not sure if u could see the rose buds

Floating island

This is a bath melt, bath melt is even more moisturizing to the skin than a bath bomb, u can feel the water turn slightly oily when the Bath melt melting in the hot water. My feet feel really moisturized after the soak. However it's a bit pricy compared to the bombs.

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