Friday, January 27, 2012

Dior Show New Look collection haul and swatches

As u all know, Dior's New Look collection consist of Diorshow New Look mascara and four Cinq Couleurs New Look palettes. I have gotten the mascara online and my sis is waiting excitedly for the ES. We were told that it should be in Singapore in Feb. The four palettes are: Royal Kaki, Rose Porcelaine, Grège and Bleu de Paris

However, I was at Taka yesterday ... I  saw them!!! I was not really excited about them till I saw them and swatched them. Omg... So pretty....

Pic and swatches

From top to bottom: Bleu de Paris, Royal Kaki, Grège and Rose Porcelaine

 Top row: Grège
2nd row:   Royal Kaki
3rd row:  Bleu de Paris

Top row: Grège
2nd row:   Royal Kaki

Rose Porcelaine

I bought Rose Porcelaine and  Bleu de Paris @ $92 each, got a mini Royal Kaki sample. I'm really tempted to get Grège as well :p. I find this collection very pigmented and the colours are more wearable than the spring collection. I think Grege is the most wearable among the four.

Rose Porcelaine

Bleu de Paris

mini Royal Kaki ( i worn this today, not bad but not something i will go crazy over so  i most prob won't be getting the full size)

Just to compare the size of the sample and full size palette

The mascara set are not from the new look collection. It's the Dior show Extase, the set cost $52 and come with a mini ES from their regular range



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