Saturday, January 14, 2012

NARS angelika review

I only have 2 products from Nars and one of them is the Angelika blush. i think its last year, I asked my friend to help me get a nars blush when she went traveling.

I had no idea what she got till she pass it to me. I was really shock when I saw the blush. It's a purplish pink blush. Omg purple blush. Haha.

Ok that's my description. Pp online describe it as a blue tone baby doll pink.

It's has very visible sparkles. I thought it was gold sparkles but pp online say it's silver. The sparkles was really obvious on the pan but they don't stay on my face.

I thought i got gold sparkles all over my casing.. oh well....

The blush is soft and pigmented, I only need to use a bit of it. Surprisingly the colour on my cheek look very different from the pan, it look more pinky than purple when it's on my cheek. Better still, when It settled on my cheek, it became a very natural blush on my face. Really beautiful. I really like it.

 Swatch of the blush

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