Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feeling mag from guardian

Just bought my Jan-mar copy of feeling. Both Watson and guardian have their own mag, however I think the guardian one is not as well known. Do far i have not come across a blog talking about it.

I personally find this 2 mag pretty similar but feeling is cheaper $1 as compare to $2 for glow and every issue of feeling comes with a generous gift of samples.

 The freebies

 Some makeup tips

Top 10 products

Omg new masks


  1. i have those masks, bought 2 for 10 dollars.not bad :) and yes i love the guardian mag too! i bought the recent issue and it's only 1 dollar :) cheap but really informative mag~

    1. warr.. erm.. i think i will go get a few and try. Thanks for your imfomation