Thursday, January 26, 2012

Everyday mineral haul

It's being so long since I got anything from everyday mineral. I really like their brushes, most of their full size brushes have short handles which make it travel friendly. I don't like traveling brushes as almost all brands, i know, have are minis of their full size brushes with small bristles.

I bought 3 angled brushes, 1 oval concealer brush, Vintage girl kit, 2 large blushes (all smile and rhapsody in peach), Christa's look kit,  the beauty serenade kit and No makeup make up kit in light to medium (the one that come in the bag on the left).

The brushes and all the rest except the no makeup makeup kit

No makeup make up kit in light to medium
oh ya samples, i really don't like this packaging. Prefer the old mini containers.

Brushes ;) I haven't being getting anything from EDM since they change their packaging. I'm glad they didn't do much revamp to their brushes.

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