Friday, January 13, 2012

I am addicted to YouTube + mac lipglass

Yes, I blog a bit lesers lately because I have been spending so much time watching YouTube. I'm so addicted to pinkiecharm ( . She is really cool, she do lots and lots of haul and review videos.

I like the way she talk and I think her reviews are great. She buy so much and so wide. Watching her videos almost always remind me of things that i have bought and have either never used or forgotten about. Watching her motivate me to use my things too.

I always thought I don't have many stuffs from Mac. I saw her lipglass review and that remind me that I have a couples of that and I used to like them. So I went to dig!!!

Omg.. I actually have about 9 of them. Not including my favorite that I suddenly remembered and can't find.

Oh well. I'm sure it will appear one day. I took 3 out and used them.

They are (from left to right):

Mac dare to wear collection/ Bold  and Brash. Its a bright red lipglass with micro-shimmer. It's really red, a colour which I can't pull off. But it's pretty.

Mac fabulous felines: burmese beauty collection/ spree. Some pp describe it as a frosty  darkened champagne-coral gloss.

Mac Fabulous felines: leopard luxe collection/wildly refine. Its  is a frosty- pinky brown gloss

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