Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Revelon ColorBurst lip butter is in Singapore

My friend told me that it's here, and is in watson, yesterday so I went lot1 to hunt for it. I came back disappointed, I can 't find it. I went west mall Watson just now and it there!!!

I have heard so much good reviews about it and am dying to try it.

They only brought in 8 colour and are selling at $15.90. I'm sure they have more colour in the state!!!!

I bought 2 to try, I bought strawberry shortcake and macaroon. If i really like it, I will get more when they are on sale, Watson usually have 20% off at times.

I swatch all 8 and from left to right they are:
02 brown sugar, 025 peach parfait, 030 fig jam, 07 cherry tart, 075 lollipop, 08 strawberry shortcake, 085 sugar pl and 096 macaroon.

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