Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another purchase from Tangs

I went to Guerlain to get the Super aqua-serum set, its the same price as the super aqua serum $279 but has an additional 50ml tonner and 10ml day cream. In additional, i got some IPSA staff.

My sis and i both got a press powder, we were told that that the additional colours in the powder will correct our skin tone and make us look radiant..Will review if it really work soon.
This is the colour of the ES

We were lucky and met a generous sa and we each got additional  samples apart frrom the GWP
GWP include a tonner, moisturiser and facial wash plus a box of cotton pad and 2 pouches

The additional samples i got (my sis got similar things) include a tonner, a sunblock and few packets of serum and facial wash from their new anti-aging range.

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