Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Avon: TRUE COLOR Eyeshadow Quad

My sis know a lady theat go in and out of malaysia very often. she n her collague always as her to cp Avon for them. She do charge abit of handling fee but its still dirt cheap. ..LOL..Few weeks back, i saw the avon quads in one of the catalog the lady gave us, they look lovely, look abit like chanel in term of packaging. .LOL.. One quad add up to be less than $15. i ordered 3 and the above is one of them. Its the least pretty one among the 3 i bought, i was in an advanturous mood when i bought it..Hahaaa...

Swatch for the quad

i was pretty impressed by the pigmentation. Even my Kate that cost abt $28 was no where as pigmented as this one.The colour are quite nice and it also wear quite long. i can still see the colour on my eye by the end of the day. I might consider getting the 4th qads which i didn't get last time.

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