Saturday, September 26, 2009

Presents from My sis

My sis went to Taiwan last week during her school holiday. I asked her to CP 2 ES for me. She doesn’t use makeup not even skin care so I dare not make my request specific or complex. LOL.. I only told her to get me any 2 ESs make from Japan and it can be of any color from Watson.

I didn't know she went with a friend use makeup; in the end they got me the cheapest Japanese ES. I really love her buy...the 2 ES cost $22 only, $11 each. LOL.. In addition, she also get me some presents, she got me a pair of pooh bear sock (i love pooh pooh) and a box of my beauty diary mask (she n her friend shared 6 boxes so there are 6 diff types in that box)

She got me 2 media ES, maroon and a purples.

They are both from kanebo

Mini review for one of the ES

I tired the purple ES yesterday, I’m impressed. Its much more pigmented than kate and CD both also under kanebo. I really like it. Plus it’s really compact and easy to bring out. I have very oily eyelid, so oily that I can even oxidize ES, the ES was not oxidized and lasted for one whole day…LOL.. I’m going to ask my friend who is going to Taiwan to help me CP more. LOL..

Swtaches for the pallete

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