Sunday, September 27, 2009

Review: Paul & Joe line: Triple Gloss color compact

Another great find from the Paul & Joe line is their Triple Gloss color compact. A colorful swirl of three complimenting colors, this compact is perfect to be used as lip gloss, eye shadow, or anything else that you can think of. In four different color combinations, like brown, gold & blue, or brown, purple, and silver, there is a combination perfect for every complexion and eye color.

Description from LoveToKnow:

My review
I bought this at slightly more than $10 from the previous prestige warehouse sale. The gloss is thicker and more pigmented than normal lipgloss. I don't feel good using this as a lip gloss so i used it as eye gloss. Playing with it seem a bit tricky, the more i blend, the lighter the colour become, so i got to be careful not to over blend it. i used as a base to help hold my powder ES. It's not very pigmented; just give my lids a nice golden shimmer.

i quite like it but don't think i will get it again. oh, i think its quite old, even if i want to get i doubt i can find it.

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