Tuesday, December 28, 2010

KL makeup haul

I went KL for Xmas.. lol.. i did abit of shopping there.. lol..

From Etude house

We never have much sale for etude house in Singapore, i was really surprise when i saw prices down by 50% or even 70% in KL.. Omg...

I bought a few lip balms, ES, eye primers and mascara base

I always have smugging  problem with mascara, hope this base will help my lashes hold my mascara better..
I used this today will know if its work by end of the day.. lol..

I know anna sui one works for me but its a lot more expensive than this one.. lol..


The Sa give me 2 mini BB cream, the red box below the 2 tubes.
Plus 2pc of masks on the 1st pic.

In KL, they have a stamp n card system, every RM30 u earn a stamp and 3 stamps can earn u a gift which is how i got the 2 pc of masks.

From Watson

Things in watson etc Drugstore are not really cheap over there but i managed to get 2 maybelline lippies at less than $8 after 40% off in watson.

From Shills

There is a Shills stand alone store near the hotel i stay and i drop by..

I bought 10pc of mask @ RM39, i think its not very cheap, i tried one of  them once i got back to my hotel.
Its good, definitely much better than my beauty diary that i have being using..
Wonder if its a lot cheaper in Taiwan.. lol..

Their Bubble mask was on promo now RM25 instead od the usualy RM50plus.. i grab 2.. the Sa told me its for deep cleansing.

I used the pink one which is for sensitive skin, i find it soso only.. a good cleanser but not as good as the clay mask i have used. The green one is for oily skin.. will review once i used it ;)

From Elianto

Elianto is the 1st brand in my shopping list.. lol.. i have heard alot about it but have never went to grab anything...
Their things are not very cheap but they are having very good sale now.. so OMG the prices of the products now is too good to be missed.. up to 70% off and many of them are manufacture in 2010. Some are even newly launched things.. lol..

i bought a X'mas gift set, 1 baked ES, a glitter powder. The glitter powder is the only products i bought that is make in  china, the rest are either made in Korea or in Europe.

 The Gift sets consist of 3 ES which u can pick from a wide selection, a palette that hold the ES (2 colour to choose from, pink or green, i got the green one) and a mini mascara.

i bought 4 blushers (2 rounds n 2 palette) and 3 ES ( 1 single and 2 palette; one 4 my sis).

2 sets of nail polish at RM6 each.. yes... lol.. i really cannot believe my eyes when i saw the price.. lol..

Other than makeup, what i like most is masks.. lol... i grab one type each.. lol..

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