Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elianto Mask review

i bought 10pc of Elianto mask from my KL trip, they sre selling at RM6 per piece. Currently they are having promotion, 5 for RM15. Which mean they are less than $1.50 per piece.

I used the walnut one, i didn't really like it. First of all, the mask have a very strong fragrance. The smell is nice and sweet but its a bit to too strong for a mask.Too strong for me. The liquid that the mask was soaked in was quite greasy, i didn't like it. I prefer non greasy mask. The effect of the mask is average, maybe around the standard of my beauty diary but bear in mind, it cost twice as much. I still have nine to go (the ones in the top pic). I hope the rest are different.. LOL..

 I will try a few more before i condemn their mask.. lol..

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