Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bio-essence Haul

My sis keep telling me how much she like bioessence.
i have never tried their products before and i find their customeer service sucks, never reply email etc....
I met a very nice SA recently and decide to give bio-essence a 2nd chance. LOL

 I bought 2 set of skincare. Find them very bulky to carry around so i threw away the packaging when i was on MRT.. lol.. Stuff all the products into the pouch that come with the skincare.

 The sets are really value for money.. lol.. It consist of a serum, face cream and a exfoliater, all are at half size.

 The Sa was quite generous and give my sis and i some samples.

 6 tubes of cleansers, 2 BB cream, 3 sample sets

My sis bought the 24K BIO-Gold, this is the new improved revision i think. My sis has the old one at home, the old one is quite thick but the new one has a better texture, not so think.

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