Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last day of 2010

I can't believe it, its the last day of 2010... omg...
My last day was good so far... ELF emailed and shipped my purchase to vpost!!!!
Yipppy.. it took so long. i thought the purchase never went through.. i'm so glad it did.. my very 1st ELF haul...

In fact I did alot of online shopping lately. Some when through but some got rejected. Here is a list of my successful  and failed transaction, hope it help u gals to decide where to shop next year..


1. Cherry culture

I bought quite a few times from them, mainly NYX staffs. I buy when they have additional 20% off or when they are having 50% off.
I just realized (ya a bit late..) that its so much cheaper when you ship via vpost thougth they provide international shipping..
I'm not going to ship directly from now on... lol..

2. ELF

Since ELF Asia web site is up, its very difficult to buy form their USA web site, i managed to do it last week and tried again just now.

3. All Cosmetics Wholesale

This is the first time i bought from them, they are not as fast as cherry culture when comes to delivery but did deliver to vpost within a week. 

4. Illamasqua

This is the only UK web site i shop lately. the delivery is £8.50. I think its not much diff if i do it via vpost since i only bought from one site. It save me the trouble too.

(Actually i bought some staff from super drug too but it through CP via a friend.)


1. Stila

2.  Sephora 
i can even buy from them via vCONCIERGE

3. Drugstore
They claim that they don't accept international credit card, i really don't why they accept international order but not international credit card.

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