Sunday, December 5, 2010

My sis is in a good mood and give me some nice staffs

This pile of used makeup are from her... Let's see what she has given me... LOL..

Dior Foundation (Dior snow i think) and 2 way cake, ettusais loose powder casing and etude house Hello kitty compact (another sis bought 4 her from Korea)

The Hello kitty compact

She also gave me 3 gel eye liner among them is a brand new Shu uemura purple eyeliner below

She also give me quite a few ES,, lol,, i love ES,, can't seem to get enough of it... LOL.. Among them are 3 MAC eye pallets. The brown on right on top is something i got too but i don't mind another one,, lol.. Maybe can give away.. i will see... LOL..

I took a pic of the 2 pallets she give me with mine.. LOL...

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