Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nov warehouse sale Haul part 2

The other Warehouse sale i went in nov is the Kose one at great world..
I like to call it a foundation sale.. lol..
There are a lot of foundations in the sale, different brands and types... lol..

Thes are the things i bought


Sensational white casing ($5) n refill ($18 )
2009 xmas set ($20)
Nanowear sun block spf 30 ($10) x 2
loose powder ($22)

Cosme decorte casing ($8 ) n refill ($22)


2X Es quads ($12)
eye makeup removal with mascura ($12)
eye makeup removal ($5) 

A Bag

This is all my loot... lol... i undo few of the packing when i was having lunch.. can't wait lor....

The sunblock was a bit to the smelly side but was really good as its not oily at all, almost feel like a moisturizer after it settled down.. lol..

Bought 2 eye makeup removal... its good, remove makeup well ;)

Bought a $5 bag too... lol..

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