Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nov warehouse sale Haul

I think i have broken my personal record i set last year, i have not missed out a single warehouse sale this month.. lol and of course my wallet is bleeding now.. LOL..

Shiseido N Dior

 This baby is still lying on my bedroom floor,, i'm using it to store my haul.. lol..

What's inside?.. lol...

From Maquillage, i bought 2 single es, 2 pallets and 1 cream eye shadow duo

The set that i got...

My friend really like majorica staffs and i got influenced and decided to buy a few items to try. I guess the best time to try any brands is in a warehouse sale.

Bought a mascara and few eye masks

Here come Dior....

Compact powder ($30) and Poudrier Dentelle in 001 and 002 ($35)

I bought 3 ES quads, till now, i still wonder if i should have gotten more... lol.. oh well... no need so many la...
The Es are :Twilight,Pearl Glow and Night Butterfly

2 lip gloss (one for me n another for a friend) and 2 lip sticks plus a hydrating mask

Took a pic of 2 es i bought.. lol..

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