Thursday, December 30, 2010

Etude house: Dr mascara fixer

As i mentioned yesterday, i bought this mascara base when i was in KL.
It work!!! LOL..
Its as good as the Anna Sui one i got but was way way much cheaper.. LOL..
I used it yesterday and again today.. No smudging... lol..

When i was there, i saw 2 type of  Dr mascara fixer. The SA mentioned that one is for natural effect and one is for dramatic effect.
I don't really understand what the diif.. lol.. oh well i bought the dramatic one. I never curl my eye lash so i guess no diff la... i'm only concern if it will help to hold my mascara and it does so i'm happy.. LOL..

The base is a milky liquid and come with a brush applicator.
i apply it on like how i applied my mascara.
I apply 2 coat of the base, dry a while and apply my mascara.

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