Monday, September 7, 2009

1st maquillage-shiseido purchase

I went to BHG CCK on last frriday and saw Shiseido maquillage is having a promotion, buy a Full vision mascara/ liner and a full vision gloss coat mascara. Get a free contrast eye quads. I spend quite abit on channel so decided not to get.. but i was quite tempted and finally bought a se yesterday.. yes without discount.. ARRR.... oh well....

Quads is abit old, exp on nov-2010 ( sa say can still us 6mth after it exp) 2 colour ( one is ble one and the other is brown/ GY910) to choose from at BHG cck.
The 2 mascura is from look like that, Full vision mascara/ liner has a few colour to choose from. i got the pruple one


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