Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Givenchy MatMate Liquid Foundation

Givenchy Matmate Fluid Foundation Spf 8 # 605 Mat Cookie


size 25ml/0.8oz, Sheer & perfectly blends with skin. Gives a matte, healthy-looking complexion. Controls unwanted shine on nose tip or chin. Stay-true color even under extreme condition. Leaves a radiant complexion that lasts all day long.
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I bought the LF from prestige warehouse sale. Bought it at $22. its really cheap as its retail at more than $60 over the counter.

Its quite fluid, therefore very easy to blend. The negative side about it is, when i pump on my hand before applying on to my face, it will flow all over my hand, will be quite messy at times.

The coverage is average, the spf is abit on the low side with only spf8. The newer LF has higher spf. I'm fine with the low spf as my day moisturizer contain spf too.

Oil control
The oil control is average, i always apply silky girl compact powder (with oil control ability as well) to set my LF. Their combine oil controlling ability can keep me shine free till evening when i applied them in the morning..

Will i buy again?
Of course, in fact i bought another one from metro exp sale the following week. I paid $25 for the 2nd one but its still a good deal.

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