Monday, September 7, 2009

Ettusais Haul

I recieved this mailer few days back and went metro woodland to check the promotion out:

They still have the free ES, quite a few left in fact.
The free one is non glittering and you get to choose the colour u want.
I asked the SA why not the gitter ones, she was really honest n told me because the non glitter ones are not as popular....LOL..i like her honesty, will definitely get all my ettusais things from her from now one..LOL..

This is what i bought:

I bought 2 glittering ES (2 on the left), i must say the glittering ones are much nicer than the non-glitering ones. There are 2 nice non-glittering ones, the brown n black but they are not avaliable as the FOC one so i took the orangly-pink one instead.

I bought a lip stick to top up to $68, paid $69 in total.

The lip stick i bought look quite red but was pretty sheer when i applied on my lip.

GWP for this purchase:

The bottle of makeup removal come is part of the GWP while the samples on the left are all given by the SA.

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