Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ettusia Xmas body spray sets

I went BHG last week and come across ett Xmas sets. I only saw 3 then, not sure if it's all they are offering this year. I'm never very into their skincare so I bought the 2 body spray sets. The skincare set is more ex, body spray set is sold at $40.

Strictly speaking it's not just a body spray. It's for hair and body. Haha... Claim to be able to : Hide unpleasant odors on hair and body. May be good to have one when go clubbing so your hair and body don't smell when u go home. Ha ha

Ett called it SHOWER COLOGNE

This is the product description on their web site:

This hides strong odors easily with just a few spritzes! It’ll help you smell fresh all day with its gradual release fragrance lasting ingredient. It also boosts moisture in hair and body with a protective veil. Cuticle repair agent also gives hair a healthy and shiny boost.

Each body spray set consist of a body spray, a lip gloss, a nail polish and a bag. The body spray alone is selling at $22 @ 90ml.

My Review

The pink set come with rose fragrance body spray, pink lip gloss and silver nail polish. The rose one has a stronger scent, I didn't like it smell initially. But it smell great after it settled down on my skin. I end up buying an additional rose one :) I carry it with me everyday. The only problem with this product is, the fragrance is not very long lasting. The kenzo body spray last slot longer than this.

The yellow set come with peach fragrance body spray, yellow lip gloss and gold nail polish. Compared to the rose spray, the peach spray is of a lighter fragrance and I instantaneously prefer it to the rose. But it's lasting ability is really bad. So I end up getting only 1 set.

This is the duck bag that come with the peach spray:( I expected duck prints all over the bag but it turn out to be just a yellow recycling bad.

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