Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review on essence multi action false lashes mascara

I pick up a total of 8 essence mascara, one duplicate so 7 types. I have used 2 so far and one of them is the essence multi action false lashes mascara.

It claim to be able to allow us to achieve an ultimate false-lash effect without false lashes, able to creates extremely long, thick lashes and unbelievable volume.

My review:


It's a long cylindrical tube, nothing to complain about and nothing special with the packaging. However i'm not sure its whose fault: All the mascara are not properly sealed. Only a sticky tape is wrap around the opening of the mascara and all the marcare appear to be not tightly close. Because only a sticky tape is used many of the mascara have being opened by inconsiderate pp.


It work as it claim, it really lengthen and volumised very well. Making my near invisible lashes look obvious. However, the mascara is a bit dry, not sure if it's due to the packaging or formula, and clumpy.

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