Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lunasol eye shadow palette stock take

I always thought I have many lunasol eye shadow palette, so I did a brief stock take of it and realize: no la. Haha. Ok I feel better now, I only have 14 palette. Compared to many pp I know, it's not that many actually. I have used 5 out if the lot. Miss placed one, haha.

The palettes I still have and have been used are:

Sheer contrast 01 coral coral
Sheer contrast 02 lavender coral
Aurorize 03 gentle variation
Noble shade 02 deep variation

How I find these 4 ES?

Among the 4, I like lavender coral and deep variation more than the other 2. Mainly because these 2 are more pigmented than the rest. Gentle variation is a total disappointment as it very sheer. I need to layer a lot when I use it.

The texture of the ES is the only thing that is consistent. Its smooth and contain very long lasting glitters.

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