Monday, December 5, 2011

Sleek: oh so special 658

I have heard a lot about sleek and have being dying to get my hand on it's eye shadow since. Not long back, A dear friend was getting and helped me to get. I bought 2 eye shadow palette and 1 blusher. Can't really remember the price, need to check with my friend.

I have use one of the item, the oh so special palette. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with it the first time I used it. All due to the high exception generated from reading pp reviews. Haha.

But when I think about it, compare the price, quantity and quality. It quite ok la.

Here is my review:

The matte colour in general is no big deal, not pretty at all. Some was not even very pigmented. It's good that the palette is a mix of matte and shimmery es. The shimmery es on the other hand is beautiful, pigmented. The texture of the es are smooth.

Oh So Special palette has 5 shimmery and 7 matte shades. A total of 12 colour in a small palette, what I like most about it is that its so slim and compact. Very good for traveling ;)

All the 12 colours have a name;

Top row;
Bow (matte cream), Organza (very light shimmering pink), Ribbon (Matte pink), Gift Basket (shimmery brown), Glitz (bluish gray),Celebrate (Plum)

Bottom row;
Pamper (Very light peachy pink, lighter than ribbon), Gateau (light plum),
The Mail (nude), Boxed (Matte brown), Wrapped Up (matte plum), Noir (matte black)

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