Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back from Larry Yeo tuorial

Went to the ;

1x2-Hour Makeup Tutorial BY LARRY YEO (07 Dec 2011) - SGD $39.00 inclusive of a Makeup Kit that contain the following: Pure Mineral BB Mousse, Angel Fit Blush,HyperDiamonds Eyeshadow,Unstoppable Eyeliner Pencil, Absolute Makeup Remover,
2 x Colour Sensational Lipstick.

Larry Yeo is good, it's a funny and informative talk. I really enjoyed myself.

The organizer on the other hand was disappointing , they should have a projector so that those who site behind get to see him better especially when he's doing make up demo. Most of the time pp at the back can't see the model, luckily he make and effect to describe more knowing this problem. He even invite us to the front during the break to demo again.

Oh yes, if u happen to be going on Friday, check your goodies bags, I didn't get my eyeliner and only got a lip stick. I never expected that, so didn't check. Oh well just my luck. Please check yours ;)

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