Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lunasol Shining Face Color 01 review

I bought the Shining Face Color from the 2010 Winter collection yesterday. I bought both shades #01 & #02. They are both LE and the refill itself cost about $50+ last year. I got it at a super markdown price of $15 yesterday. I bought their casings @$20 and sponge @$5. So in total the whole thing cost me $40 each.

I only used it once and I instantly fall in love with it. I never expect something so glittery to be so fine/smooth at the same time. Incredible.

I used a brush to pick it up, a gentle swipe and my brush is glittering like a disco ball. The glitter was really fine and after slight blending, I don't see glitters particles. In fact all I saw was nice shimmer all over my face.

This is the compact and a light swap u can pick up a lot of glitters. However when u blend u will get a nice shimmer.

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