Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday haul

I'm back, went to Melacca for a short trip over the long x'mas weekend.

Whenever I go Malaysia I will always check Elianto out, the quality of their makeup is not fantastic but is definitely value for money. In additional, their packaging is also quite cute.

I went to KL last Xmas and found that they always have promo during Xmas. I bought quite a lot of things last year (http://abitcraxy.blogspot.com/2010/12/kl-makeup-haul.html). This time, I bought 2 Xmas sets: both consist of a blusher, an ES with a eyeliner in one set and mascara in the other.

Fresia Make-up Set
• fresia shadow
• fresia blush
• stay on max eyeliner (black only)
• Pouch
RM69 (NP: RM84)

Baked Make-up Set
• baked shadow
• baked marble blush
• princezna mascara (black only)
• Pouch
RM69 (NP: RM86)

Etude house is another brand that I will always check out whenever I go Malaysia. When their products are on 50%, the price is comparable to that when we buy from korea. I bought 2 blushers and 1 brush this time.

I also bought some stuffs from essence and in2it. I kind of regret not getting more things from in2it, they have some new es and blushers that we don't have in Singapore.

Last but not least i bought 2 Shills peel of mask @ $50rm for 2.

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