Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Haul part 2: Nature republic

Easter Haul part 2: Nature republic

I sms my SA and reserved another Polynesia Lagoon water set, went to collect it on Easter Friday. My sis went with me and of course we hauled.. .LOL…

The Polynesia Lagoon water set: moisturiser, serum and eye care set

The eye care set consist of eye cream and 2 samples
Mung bean cleanser and Ice fruit pack
the ice fruit is so cute....

Fruits Mousse Therapy (banana)

Black Head Scavenger Oil Peeling Gel and white head clear melting source
The collagen travel set is the GWP (top) and i also bought Aqua the ocean cleansing water

Blemish Lab AC Spot Relief Gel


  1. hi.. whatis that fruits mousse theraphy? i just saw it too in my seller price list and i was wondering, tempting.. how do you use that? it is all in korean..

  2. Hi galleryibu,

    I think the fruits mousse theraphy is a mask.

    These are the details i found online

    Fruits Mousse Therapy is a mousse pack which revitalizes the skin with ingredients containing abundant Vitamins and nutrients extracted from fresh fruits. This soft foam removes dead skin cells and helps improve skin tone and texture.

    DIRECTIONS: After shaking the can fully, take a fair amount on to your hands, and massage with a circular motion on your clean face, avoiding eye and mouth areas. Leave on for about five to ten minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

    Hope these help