Sunday, April 24, 2011

2nd Holika Holika trip (Easter special part1)

Holika Holika is having great Easter promotions now.

They are having 15% off for the following sets:

1. Whitening set @ $54.40 (up $64)

Snow-white foam cleanser 150ml
Snow-white spot essence 15ml
Snow-white magic film mask

2. Cleansing set @$21.25 (up $25)

Juicy Hawaii orange lip n eye removal tissue
Juicy Hawaii kiwi cleansing tissue
Any fruit cleanser

3. BB cream set ( I didn’t buy n forgotten the detail, I remembered one of the items is roller bb cream)

Plus additional GWP with egg set purchase:

1. Bulgarian rose set skin care kit with special egg set purchase ($37.50)

2. 1pc of essence sheet mask with any egg soap ($20)


The GWP for $120 purchase was a lot better now.. I’m not sure if I should be happy or piss… as I spend more than $250 last time….

Plus I just discovered that when u spend $250 and above  you are entired to an additional 20% off for the whole bill…. And this promo is not new… errrr….. meaning i should have gotten 20% off last time.

Oh well... here is my haul

The Cleansing set @$21.25 (up $25), i have chosen the kiwi cleanser. I bought mine at $17 due to the additional 20% off.

Whitening set @ $54.40 (up $64), bought mine at $43.52. What a bargain... LOL...

3 Toners, i use up toner really fast so i decided to stock up some when i was there. i bought the (R to L) Apple shine toner, Egg skin cooling toner and AC Magic Clear Powder In Toner

I bought my 2nd egg set, i have used the white egg and really love and since got promo, might as well.. LOL..  
I have not being buying bb cream and decided to get 2 petit BB cream to try. Petit=small=easy to finish.

GWP of course....


  1. realy love reading your blog =)
    can u do a review about Holika Holika Petit BB?

  2. Hi, thanks for reading.
    Sure no problem, i have used it the very next day after i bought them. Will use a few more times and do a review. Stay tune ;)