Monday, April 18, 2011

Collective Tony Moly Haul

I have heard alot about the Tony Moly eggs... LOL... so i decided to grab the 3 eggs since they are having promotion now.. LOL...

Tony Moly current promotion :

1. Tomato (whitening series)

Items from this series are all on promotion.
Tomato mask is @$18++
2 tomato skincare sets avaliable: $65++ (can't remember the exact price) and $39.90 ( the one that i bought)

2. Apple scrub selling @$18++

3. Egg set @ $49.90 and when u purchase an egg set, you get to buy the egg balm at a promo price of around $25

I wrote the above base on my memory, do drop by the stall and find out the exact price of the items if u interested.

BTW the male SA in the bugis outlet is quite nice, he has better knowledge of their products than most of the female SA there.

What I bought so far:

The tomato promo set @ $39.90 on the right and the anti-aging travel set on the left.

Apple, tomato and peach... LOL... delicious fruits....

The eggs.....

I think TM has the most disappointing GWP among all the korean brands i being buying from lately, i got 2 pouches and a shower gel for my $200 plus purchase.


  1. i have a fun time reading your korean skincare haul..! so interesting :)

    yes, i also bought the simply her from kino and will go redemn the tomato mask soon, my first try of this brand, wonder if it's good..hehehe

    do you like the tomato mask? what's ur favorite from tony mony? wow so many skincare u have dear

  2. Hi sweetjan

    I have only tried their apple peeling cream. its not bad, will do a full review when i used it for a few more times.

    I haven't used the tomato mask, but my sis did and she like it. She also tried the coffee scrub.

    Will decide what i like most from Tony when i tried more of the products... LOL...
    I'm tempeted to get more of their skincare to try because of their pretty packaging ;)