Sunday, April 3, 2011

Haul from the Stage clearance sale

I asked the Sa when the sale will end, she told me she's not sure but they still have plently of stock and will keep selling till the management tell them to stop. I think this is the last stage outlet in singapore and its closing so i'm a bit worry that they are pulling out from singapore soon.. I hope not, don't feel like going all the way to KL to buy stage.... Oh well here is my haul....

 I bought 8 lipsticks and 2 lip gloss. They are all 2 for $9 except for the 2 that has pink prints on their boxes, these 2 are 2 for $12, the lip sticks are in red packaging not the usual black. The Sa says they are more creamy and moisturising.

 I bought a blusher brush and 2 more eyebrow brush. Their eyebrow brush is my fav and i have yet found another brand that have anything comparable.

 Bought 2 bottels of nail polish removable @ 2 for $5, really cheap, i wanted to get more but i think its too heavy to carry so many bottles around so only got 2, might go back again and get more ;)

 The 2 lip gloss i bought also 2 for $9

 This is the red packaging lip stick i mentioned ....

Some pic of the lip sticks i bought...


  1. hello, happened to come across your blog! just to let you know that there is a stage outlet in AEON Bukit Indah in JB :)

  2. Hi Radya, thanks for telling me ;)