Monday, April 18, 2011

What i tried today... Holika white egg soap and Tony Moly apple cream

I keep trying new stuffs so i decided to start doing a what i tried today... lol...
oh well, i'm trying to be different la. Since every one do my favourite products of the month etc. i will do something different... LOL...

Ok here we go.....

I have tried the white egg soap from Holika Holika. and the apple peeling cream from Tony Moly few days ago.
My egg in a small container...LOL....

My first encounter with the white egg…
The white egg is from Holika Holika, when I took it to my bathroom. I sniff it and it smell really good.
I really like the smell, at that moment, I’m not really sure how to use the products.. lol.. I have forgotten to check for instruction on the web.

I just assume its like any other soap: rub to get foam and use the foam to clean face.
Despite rubbing really hard for a few seconds, I see not much foam so I rub the soap against my face…LOL.. still not much foam and I gave up and just rub the minimum foam and liquid on my hand to my face. I splash some water to my face and rub again… then I see foam… lol.. maybe I have not added enough water initally.. LOL….
Frangrance: smell nice when I open it up, but there are no smell when I used it. I wonder why..
Effect: it cleans the face really well, in fact I think it clean too well, leaving a rubbery feeling after I rinse off.

Some detail i found online

Package Weight: 150 (g)
Product is endorsed by CNBlue.Top Selling Product from Holika Holika. 
Suspose to  tightens pores and make your skin sleek.
Suspose to foams easily and can be use as a cleanser and mask.
After 4 weeks, it should help to reduce your blackheads. 

Made in Korea
Suitable for all skin type

How to use:

As soap: Make foam on your Palm using lukewarm water and massage gently and rinse off 
As mask: Make foam on your Palm using lukewarm water and massage enough until it changed like fine cream type and rinse off

I didn't know that it can be used as a mask... i just realise that the SA never teach me how to use their products.. LOL....

The second items i used today is the apple peeling cream from Tony Moly. Its a 3min peeling cream. I'm impress with the claim of 3 min... LOL... The cream have no smell, at least i never smell any fragrance when i applied it on my face. It does exfoliate quite well, i saw some blog that show we can actually see dead skin appearing after 15min.. Emmm but its a 3min peelling cream lei.... Over all i think its ok. I need to use it for a few time. Will do a more detail review about it. Oh ya...Kenzo has a similar product, will compare the 2 too....

Taken from Tony Moly website:


Multi-functional cream that effectively removes Keratin and double up as a massage cream with a nourishing pack function. Containing Green Apple extract, AHA and Papaya extract, this Appletox pack provides excellent exfoliation of dead skin cells and aged Keratin. Skin is kept smooth and radiant.


After daily cleansing, apply an appropritate amount onto the skin and gently massage in a circular motion. Once dirt particles appear, simply rinse off with lukewarm water. Recommended to use 1~2 times a week.

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