Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nature Republic 50% off storewide haul

For those who have being following my sale blog ( will know that there is a 50% storewide promotion @ nature republic today and the sale is while stock last.

I was really excited about the sale, as it’s a good 50% off. OMG… How I feel like kicking myself for buying so many things last week. Oh well…. I went just now and spend a good $400.. lol.. Yes, it’s after 50% off….

I took the opportunity to try more things from the brand and tried more expensive products too.

These are what I bought :

From the pinetree urban detox series: Detox clay mask, toner, essence and emulsion

Polynesia Lagoon Water Fresh eye cream set

Chestnut pore laser toner and swing rain love hawaii facial mist

Forest Garden Fresh Cleanser Oil (Tea Tree & Lemongrass) and Garden balancing cleasnser oil (Rosemarry and Ylang Ylang)

Eco garden fluid and ice soft persimmon pack

Super Hyaluron 3000 toner and emulsion

Fresh green tea leaf serum, cream and emulsion

Mother's love your babay sun block, Peeling esthe cool exfoliator, Eco garden serum and Dual Secret Lip Color & Gloss 05 Coral Peach

Tones of paper masks


  1. you are skincare haul queen hehe
    yes me and my friend have been following your blog and sales link..the only thing that holds me back from checking out korean skincare is their high content of alcohol content, the same for jap skincare...hmm..

    but etude house aloe mask is pretty good, it calms my sensitivity and redness around cheek :)

  2. I love skicare, mainly becuse i can see myself finishing it. I can never finish any make up.. LOL...

    I think some korean brand have some alcohol free skincare too. I check 4 u and let you know ;)

  3. Hi there ^^ i was googling ice soft persimmon pack reviews and the result showed your blog, i see you bought it as well, so is it good? can i have a review of it please~~~~ <3

  4. Hi, i have not use it. Since you request it, i will open it to try then. Let you know how i find it soon ;)