Friday, April 29, 2011

My fav product of the week…..

I have 2 this week; it’s the holika white egg soap and the etude bb cream removal.

Why the white egg?

The white egg cleans really well. Thought it leave a rubbery feeling after wash, it does not dry up my skin. My skin does not feel tight after washing. It has nearly no fragrance at all.

Some detail i found online

Package Weight: 150 (g)

Product is endorsed by CNBlue.Top Selling Product from Holika Holika.

Suspose to tightens pores and make your skin sleek.

Suspose to foams easily and can be use as a cleanser and mask.

After 4 weeks, it should help to reduce your blackheads.

Made in Korea

Suitable for all skin type

How to use:

As soap: Make foam on your Palm using lukewarm water and massage gently and rinse off

As mask: Make foam on your Palm using lukewarm water and massage enough until it changed like fine cream type and rinse off

Why BB cream makeup removal?

I really like these products because it removes makeup very well. To use this , we have to wet our face first before apply the cleanser. I like it manily beacuse it can be used on wet face, unlike oil or cream base makeup removal. Plus, it clenase thoroughly without leaving skin feeling dry and irritated. No need to use facial wash after removing of make up ;) But i'm abit KS so will cleanse again if i'm not too lazy.. lol...

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