Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elf Haul

 My sis and i bought some stuffs from ELF again.. LOL..

These are what we bought this time.... lol...

I bought a 83 essential collection set (top) and my sis and i each got a 27 mini set

I head a lot about their kabuki face brush so got a few to try out. They are as good as what i heard, really soft on the face and good for applying powder foundation as well as finishing powder.

I bought a few cream blushes and pigments to try too

 Face primer, brush shampoo and tinted moisturisers

Some more $1USD products to try... tinted moisturisers , powder foundation and cream blusher....

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  1. are you addicted to E.L.F? :)
    please folback me