Friday, April 8, 2011

Etude house mini size U range (review)

I’m into skincare recently. i have being buying a lot of skin care in particular serum. I'm no longer young so I think its important to take good care of my skin so i won't regret in future.. LOL..

If you have being following my blog you will realize that i use a lot of products from Kenzo and I also use random brands.. LOL.. I'm never faithful when it come to skin care or makeup. I simply can't resist trying out new products and brand.
I having being buying many Korean skincare lately after the good experience I have recently with Etude house products. Will be reviewing more skincare products as I use them. The first review will be on Etude house mini size U range.

50ml serum + 25ml powder toner + 25ml pore emulsion

I bought the full size serum and softener from this range and I got sample size of the toner and emulsion (moisturizer).
This range is formulated with fermented Rice Wine sediment that claim to nourish and tighten pores. It’s suspose to moisturises and subdues facial oil as well.
I have being using it for about a week and so decided to share with you all how I find these products.

I used the softener; follow by the toner, then serum then emulsion

Both the serum and emulsion are light and is quickly absorbed by my skin without leaving behind a sticky feel. The serum have a sweet smell which I don’t think I like but it doesn’t bother me as after a while it goes off.
The softener almost feel like water while the toner is makeup of 2 layers, you have to shake first before you use. Though the toner container some precipitate but I didn’t leave any residue on my face when I use.

The serum come in a glass container and there are 50ml of serum inside

Both the serum and the softener come in press bottle, which I like as its more hygiene. But I’m not very happy with the bottle that contain the softener, I’m not sure if it apply to all but my bottle leaks. It’s really a waste of product.

The big bottle of softener


I don’t see my pore shrinking.. LOL.. but its only 1 week, I can’t really tell the diff I guess. I will use them a bit longer and will update the review.. LOL..

I really like the softener; I think it help to clean my face better. I can see a lot of dirty stuffs on my cotton pad after I wiping my face with the softener. More dirty stuffs come out after toner. Seem like only toner after cleansing is not enough.. LOL.. I used to use Ettusia softener and found that my skin improved, less breakouts etc.. But I got lazy and stop using it.. LOL.. I’m staring my softener routine again..


  1. hi dear, thanks and nice review :)i heard korean skincare has lots of alcohol? the same goes to japanese skincare, strangely. they are laden with alcohol so might have to be careful. i found a few products from etude to be pretty good too e.g. BB cream (the silky sheer one ) and their aloe vera mask also helps with my skin irritation, really less red after just 1 application :)

    the softener sounds like a really cute idea, reminds me of the softener my mum used to wash cloth..hahah maybe the concept is the same la, to lossen the skin so dirt can all come out :) may i know what's the product name of the ettusais softener u mentioned? like to give it a try too! :P

  2. Hi robbin, thanks... oh the ettusia prodect is:

    AC-Skincare Version Up

    Before you decide to slap on any of the good stuff, prime your skin with this.

    How it Works:
    Soften your skin's surface layer, with this softener. It will penetrate rapidly into the skin after washing your face, optimizing your skin's natural moisture absorption strength so that it absorbs all the goodness of your moisturizer. Prevents pimples as it keeps the skin dewy fresh.

    The link is here: