Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dinner @ skinny pizza in raffles city

This my 1st trip to skinny pizza @ Raffles city, we waited for 20-30min for our table, i think its diff to find table when u r in a group, even when our group is pretty small...

The service was good, the manager keep updating us our waiting status.. lol.. LIVE UPDATE....
It didn't take us too long for our food to be serve too. Overall, i'm quite satisfy with the service...

We ordered a English breakfast pizza, a lobster pasta, half size sausage and 3 appitizers to share

 The lobster pasta was really nice we all loved it. Definitely the best dish for the night. The pasta was serve with a generous sprinkling of black pepper.

We ordered the English breakfast pizza, most of my friends didn't like the pizza except me. i like the topping but i'm totally disappointed with the crust. i like my pizza thin but this is way too thin. I taste like meat n cheese on a giant cracker.

The 3 appitizers come in a three item option (costing a little less than three separate orders) we ordered the truffle fries, pistachio encrusted seared brie and mashed potato. One of my friend keep commenting that the mashed potato is smelly, i do agreed that it has a strange smell but it taste fine. I have not being able to uncover the smelly mystery till now... LOL...

For drinks, we ordered Chia tea, pineapple juice and apple cider. The Apple cider was really nice, we all love it. In fact some of my friends don't mind to go back again beause of the apple cider (obviously they don't think much about the food).

252 North Bridge Road
#B1-63/64 Raffles City Shopping Centre S179103
Tel: 63335069


Nearest MRT: City Hall, Esplanade

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